Join your local YIMBY group:

Can't find one in your area? Why not set up your own YIMBY group? All it takes is a few like-minded souls and a Twitter or Facebook account to begin. Please get in touch and we can send you more guidelines and help.

Here are the active YIMBY groups in the UK that we know about. Please let us know of any more.

Bristol YIMBY

Brighton YIMBY

Cambridge YIMBY – see below

Cheltenham YIMBY

Eastleigh YIMBY

Liverpool Y-IMBY group

Housing the Powerhouse (Manchester)

Oxford YIMBY – see below

Portsmouth YIMBY

London groups:

Oxford YIMBY

The Oxford YIMBY group is actively campaigning – please get involved!

 Get involved with the oxford yimby group

Get involved with the oxford yimby group

Cambridge YIMBY

Get in touch with the Cambridge YIMBY group, campaigning for a better Cambridge.


Start a group!

If you would like advice or help to start a YIMBY group in your area, please get in touch – or please be sure to let us know if you already have one.

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