What we do

We campaign for more homes in London and the rest of the UK. YIMBY is the opposite of NIMBY. The Government adopted one of our major suggestions within twelve months of our first reform paper.

London has the most expensive housing of any major city in the world, because it hasn't built enough homes for forty years.

This country used to build millions more homes – in the 1930s and 1960s for example.

Many more beautiful places, like Paris, have at least twice as many homes per square mile as London. Our buildings can and should be more attractive too.

If London had as many homes per square mile as Kensington & Chelsea, it would have double the number of homes.

There is plenty of room to build up, to fill in, and even to expand out a little on to land near tube stations, if that is what we all want. 


Why we do it

Over the last 14 years, increasing housing costs have made 1 out of 2 people worse off overall. Housing is the main cause of inequality. 

Tenants should be able to feel safe and secure in their homes without worrying about the rent going up every year.

Even if you own the house you want, will your children and grandchildren be able to afford to?

Lack of homes near great jobs stops people getting those jobs and stops companies from growing. UK average earnings are about 30% lower because of our terrible shortage of homes.

The good news is that it's easy to fix! All we have to do is to get enough people together to support more housing, and fix the system.

We're winning: support for more housing is growing, and even the worst NIMBYs have admitted that many more homes are needed.