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Our first report is out!

It has been covered by the Guardian, CapX, BBC1, BBC London Radio, Julia Hartley-Brewer on Talk Radio, Sky Radio, the Sun, the Times and the RTPI.

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George Eaton wrote a brilliant article in the New Statesman about the YIMBY movement, quoting John.

But the nimby has now met its dialectical opposite: the yimby. In contrast to their opponents, yimbys not merely tolerate but welcome development (“yes in my backyard”). The earliest known usage of yimby was in a 1988 New York Times article (“Coping in the Age of Nimby”) and the first organisation was founded in 2007 (Yimby Stockholm). Sister groups have since been established in Toronto, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Helsinki and, most recently, London.

The Economist published our letter

John's letter in the economist, November 2017

John's letter in the economist, November 2017


“Wake up NIMBYs”

Allister Heath advocates more housebuilding and highlights London YIMBY, writing in the Telegraph (partly paywalled)

Oxford yimby has launched!

Oxford yimby has launched!

Oxford YIMBY

The London YIMBY team has been delighted to help the launch of Oxford YIMBY, working to make the city of dreaming spires better and more affordable


London Society

The London Society featured a guest post by John Myers, co-founder of London YIMBY


YIMBY drinks meetup

We had a great time at the first YIMBY drinks meetup on May 11th

YIMBY drinks meetup 2.jpeg
cambridge yimby has launched!

cambridge yimby has launched!

Cambridge YIMBY

London YIMBY was proud to encourage the launch of Cambridge YIMBY in February 2017


Green Belt Debate

The London Society kindly invited us to send a speaker to their debate on how to make the Green Belt fit for the 21st century


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