Looking for easy, popular ways to get more homes built? Read our first report, part of which has already been adopted.

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Within twelve months the core of the Better Green Belt proposal in our paper became part of national planning rules, in National Planning Policy Framework paragraph 146(f).

We continue to push for the other principal suggestion, the Better Streets reform, to be adopted.

Here's a Guardian opinion piece describing the paper, and here's our CapX article about the massive economic self-harm from the housing crisis.


‘The proposal on “streets” is innovative and useful contribution to debate.’

Richard Blyth, Head of Policy, Practice and Research, RTPI

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Prof. David Schleicher, Yale Law School

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Daniel Bentley, Editorial Director, Civitas

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Prof. Christian Hilber, London School of Economics

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Ben Goldacre, doctor, academic, broadcaster, campaigner and writer, author of Bad Science

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Dan Wilson Craw, Director, Generation Rent

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Barney Stringer, Director at Quod

‘ways for communities to increase and improve housebuilding’

Edward Douglas, ResPublica

‘fascinating things setting out how this could work, and we must keep involving them more in policy conversations.’

Jack May, Progress Online